How did minimalism become so popular?

How did minimalism become so popular?

The term "minimalism" became popular in the 1960s among New York artists with names like Robert Morris, Frank Stella, Carl Andre, Donald Judd, Robert Ryman, Robert Mangold. One of those artists, Donald Judd, describes his work as "the simple expression of complex thoughts". The modernization of art forms such as fine arts and architecture has paved the way for contemporary fashion to innovate in the direction of minimalism. One of the fashion designs deeply influenced by the minimalism/painting style is the Mondrian Dress, designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965, inspired by the Composition series in the style of Destijl, showing solid lines. and using the basic colors of the Dutch painter Pierre Mondrian.

The emergence of minimalism in fashion, especially in women's fashion, has a lot to do with the mass production model of the new economy and the changing lifestyles and roles of women. women during the World War. Their clothes became more comfortable, simpler so that they could conveniently work instead of men in battle. We can also think of this as a liberation for women from the extremely sophisticated dress of the past kings (think of the dresses that princesses and queens used to wear and suits that business women today often wear at work). The economic context has also contributed to promoting the minimalist trend to the throne in recent years. To adapt to the economic crisis, some people have chosen to avoid fancy and ostentatious dressing in favor of frugality.

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