7 Minimalist Style Rules To Keep In Mind

7 Minimalist Style Rules To Keep In Mind

Today, minimalism, also known as minimalism, is becoming a very popular fashion trend among women, especially office women. Simple, light but extremely modern and elegant, minimalism can make you stylish even though you don't have to put on too many colorful colors, cumbersome details...

However, as simple as that, minimalism is not easy to wear. You will need a little flair and a few tips to wear minimalism without making yourself boring, one color.

1. Always choose simple things

If you are pursuing the style of minimalism, then of course everything must be simple. Temporarily break up with colorful motifs, cumbersome accessories, if you want to follow the minimalist trend. The simpler the outfit, the more beautiful it is and the easier it is to mix and match items.

2. Create a multi-use wardrobe

If you follow the trend of minimalism, shop for basic items that are easy to wear, not out of fashion and easy to combine with other outfits. Typical: white, black tops, neutral blazers, black skirts... From these few basic items, you can create a lot of sophisticated, trendy outfits and follow the principles of minimalism. .

3. Create a palette tone

Minimalism doesn't mean just black and white. It's simply plain, monochromatic outfits: red, cobalt blue, purple... you can all apply them but only use up to 2-3 colors in the same set. In it, there is a neutral tone to "alkaline" the remaining tones.

So you can be younger and fresher when wearing minimalism.

4. Choose a style

When minimizing colors and accessories, the style of the outfit is always the most important thing. They should meet two requirements: fit and keep up with trends. That is the secret to wearing a minimalist style that is not boring. The angular details, strong, sharp and impressive cutting lines… are a popular trend.

5. Limit layers

Lightness, neatness, and simplicity are the top criteria of the minimalist style. So, you need to avoid wearing too many layers, if you want, you should just stop at number 2. The easiest to apply for this style is the one-piece outfit like one-piece skirt, jumpsuit. In addition, a light jacket or blazer is more than enough to make the whole set attractive.

6. Don't overdo it with accessories

Girls often make the mistake of using too many cumbersome accessories that make the look sophisticated and less elegant. Therefore, minimizing accessories will make your look simpler and more sophisticated, especially when pursuing a minimalist style. Accessories should just stop at a simple handbag or high heels, that's enough.

7. Create Contrast

It's easiest to use two contrasting tones of light and dark like black and white, navy and white... Contrasting colors are a great way to make your minimalist set look interesting. Remember, the contrast here is not only about color but also material, style… So feel free to get creative with them.


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